Retreat Format & Schedule

The retreat format offers opportunities for retreatants to attend live, online teachings, throughout each day, led by highly qualified teachers in the Insight Tradition.


Retreatants may attend as many - or as few - as they would like in order to support their individual intention, with over 50 hours of live retreat practice and support available, including daily small cohort teacher meetings.   


The retreat format is designed to offer a progressive deepening into practice; with each days' teachings and practice building upon the previous and providing a foundation for further practice.               

View Daily Retreat Schedule Below




Flexibility: Practice a little or a lot! 

Choose Your 'Track' for Practice​:

With Four, Two-hour Modules of live, teacher-led and community supported practice each day, participants can create a full or flexible retreat experience in your own home.

Modules are offered at intervals throughout each day that will accommodate most time-zones around the world.  (See schedule below, and use this Time-Zone Converter to find your times)

Participants will have access to a retreatant-only portal, with additional guidelines and resources to support a valuable at-home experience; including on-demand video practices, additional practice instructions, and personalizable retreat schedules available for download to support online and offline practice intention. 

Your registration gives you access to as many modules as you want to participate in; however, we offer some suggested 'tracks' or levels of participation, and how they may support your intentions:



Intensive Retreat Track:

Create a full retreat schedule with 3-4 modules each day, and use the schedules provided to support maintaining a retreat schedule the rest of the day. Additional resources provide instruction and suggestions for holding a retreat-container at home, meal-time practice and movement practices, and to support your personal commitment during the course of the retreat. 

Robust Retreat Schedule for Integrated Practice:

Accommodate your work and home-life responsibilities with 2-3 modules each day + plus daily-life practice suggestions and schedules to integrate a robust retreat schedule into your daily obligations and conditions. 

Deepening Practice in Daily Life Context:

A supported commitment to integrate1 or 2 modules each day  into your home life and work schedule to support a deepening of practice in the context of daily life. 

MMTCP Pre-Requisite*/CE Credit** Track:

This retreat satisfies the retreat requirement for the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program (MMTCP) and is eligible for CE hours for psychologists and other health care professionals with a full commitment to attending, at minimum,13 total modules (with minimum 2 - 3 modules/day) and holding an intensive practice container at home. Attendance will be taken & other requirements must be met for those seeking credit for their participation. Ideally, MMTCP students will utilize the 'Intensive Retreat Track' model. 



*MMTCP students who wish to receive credit for this as their 'qualifying' retreat are required to attend a minimum number of Modules (3 modules on 3 days & 2 modules on 2 days minimum) and meet certain criteria to fulfill the requirementMMTCP students should not plan to work or participate in other activities during their retreat, but to follow an Intensive retreat schedule as they would on an in-person retreat. The minimum number of modules is intended to accommodate those MMTCP students in varying time-zones internationally, and/or with parenting obligations that may conflict with a standard schedule. Additional practice obligations are included in this Track in order to create a full retreat experience. This is not the same as the 'Robust Integrated' Track above. Please carefully review the schedule below and the MMTCP requirements for receiving credit.   

**Continuing Education (CE) Hours for Health Professionals: Please see our info page on CE Hours. CE Hours are an additional cost and registration through SCRC. Same participation requirements as MMTCP students. 

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Bringing the retreat experience online

Your Retreat Experience

Throughout each day, and in each live session ('Module') we will follow the classic Insight Meditation Retreat format, practicing Mindfulness with alternating periods of guided & silent sitting and walking meditation, and may include some periods of gentle movement, and opportunities for Q&A.  These sessions will be held using Zoom, a live, online platform designed to create an online community; where participants can see and be seen by other retreatants just as they would in a physical retreat setting. This sense of community is a key ingredient supporting the retreat experience.

Each Module is two hours, which allows participants to settle in with periods of uninterrupted practice to support the continuity essential to deepening Mindfulness practiceRetreatants are encouraged to commit to the full two- hour session for each Module they attend. This not only enhances each individual's developing practice, it also fosters a stable retreat 'container', a powerful support for practice, in the online Zoom community. 



Participants are not required to attend all modules for this retreat:

participation in modules may be based on participant time-zone & preferred retreat 'track' 

Thursday, April 22 - Wednesday April 28

All Times below are Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Please use this  Time Zone Converter  to find your local time


Thursday, April 22nd

Opening Session 5pm - 7pm PDT 

(This session will be recorded for those unable to attend live)

Daily Schedule for Friday, April 23rd - Tuesday, April 27th

Teachers will offer one Module per day each; with a unique schedule every day (TBD)

Module I:    7am - 9am PDT

Module II:   11am - 1pm PDT

Module III:   3pm - 5pm PDT

Module IV:   7pm - 9pm PDT

Wednesday, April 28th 

Closing Session 9am - 11am PDT 

(This session will be recorded for those unable to attend live)

Small Group Teacher Meetings

Each retreatant will be assigned to a small group cohort meeting daily, for the opportunity to receive individualized guidance to support their practice and retreat experience. 

Meetings are 1hr and 15 min each day, with breakouts for teacher interviews

Meetings may be scheduled at one of two times:


9:15am or 5:15pm

(Times are Pacific Daylight Time)

We may be able to offer one small-group meeting cohort en Francais if there is enough interest. Prior to the retreat, registered participants will be given the opportunity to indicate interest in a French speaking small group.

All Modules will be held in English.