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One World Mindfulness

 Live Online Courses
Learn, Deepen Mindfulness & Compassion
in the Insight Tradition, at Home
courses coming soon:
7-week Series: Cultivating Kindness & a Peaceful Heart
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Learn, Deepen Mindfulness & Compassion Practices with some of the most experienced and respected teachers in the Insight Meditation Tradition

Coming Soon! 

In this time of radical change and instability there is a great need for the steadiness and peace that can be found in deepening mindfulness practice. 


One World Mindfulness started out as a platform for online retreats in the Insight Meditation Tradition during the pandemic in 2020, when retreat centers around the world closed. We offered online retreats that mimic the experience you would expect at a center; with the supports and structure for creating an at-home container as well as an online container. 


We are now additionally expanding our offerings to include opportunities for ongoing, live-online learning; using our platform to support learning through class series' and workshops by teachers in the Insight Meditation Tradition. 


Programs offered through One World Mindfulness maintain integrity with practices of mindfulness as they have been passed down from their original Buddhist origins. Our programs are offered by teachers who are experienced, vetted practitioners; with extensive training and experience in the Insight/Vipassana tradition of practice. 

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There is a true happiness, which doesn't depend upon circumstances, that can be found in the practice of mindfulness. 

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