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Information for MMTCP and/or CE Students 
and 'qualifying' retreat requirements

This page is provided for students in Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach's Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program (MMTCP) who will be participating in this retreat to receive credit as a 'qualifying' retreat, this information is also valid for those who wish to receive Continuing Educaton (CE) Hours for Health Professionals. If you are not in the MMTCP program, or are not participating to receive retreat credit or Professional CE Hours, this information is not applicable.  

MMTCP/CE Retreat Participant Commitments:

MMTCP students will be required to sign an agreement (provided to registered participants prior to the retreat,) provided by Sounds True and the MMTCP, committing to a set of practice guidelines during their retreat. These guidelines include:

  • refraining from, or minimizing, the use of technology (unrelated to retreat participation), news and social media 

  • committing to a continuity of practice (practicing throughout the day and not only during online sessions,)

  • practicing 'noble silence' as possible at home. (exceptions for child care responsibilities)

  • taking the entire length of the retreat off from work, school, social, or other regular activities as you would for a residential retreat. It is not appropriate to participate in work or school related meetings or activities during an intensive retreat. 


These practice guidelines support a retreat environment similar to what you would experience at a retreat center.  It is understood that compromises may need to be made for those living with others and with certain childcare obligations, however, maintaining these practice conditions as much as possible will significantly impact your retreat experience and your ability to experience the deepening in practice that an intensive retreat offers. 

In order to satisfy the MMTCP/CE requirements and to receive credit for this retreat MMTCP and CE students will also need to commit to and agree to:


  • Attending a minimum of 13 total Modules, with a minimum of 2 modules each day: To meet the 13 module requirement over the five full days of retreat, participants should expect to attend 3 modules on three days and 2 modules on two days.  If time zone allows, it is suggested to attend at least 3 modules each day for a full retreat experience. Opening (first day) and Closing (final day) modules do NOT count toward attendance.   Please see the schedule for this retreat to find the times Modules are offered; make sure to use the time-zone converter to find your times. All times are in Pacific Daylight Time Zone. 


  • Attending ALL assigned small group meetings


  • Have video on and be present and participating for the full duration of any online practice periods they wish to receive credit for.

  • Having attendance tracked and submitted to Sounds True and/or SCA


  • Creating a continuity of practice during the retreat, including self practice during the time between Modules 


  • Submitting a short form reporting their practice each day (a form will be linked on the main page of the Participant Retreat Portal,) with at least 2 additional daily formal practice periods off-line (30-45 min each) or during additional Module periods

  • For CE recipients ONLY: Fill out the Retreat Evaluation Form and submit to SCA in order to receive CE Certificate. (This is NOT a requirement for MMTCP students; there is no 'certificate' for MMTCP students, as your retreat participation will be reported directly to the MMTCP.)


After you are fully registered for the retreat as a MMTCP or CE student you will be sent a link to fill out the MMTCP Online Retreat Participant Agreement provided by MMTCP, which will be submitted directly to our retreat team, and copied to the MMTCP Administrative Office (and/or to SCA for CE Certificate.) If you have already filled out this form elsewhere, you will have to fill it out here as well, as we are unable to accept emailed copies.


Q: When and where can I fill out the Participant Agreement?

A: A link will be sent out to registered MMTCP/CE participants approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of the retreat, along with other retreat information. 

In addition to the Participant Agreement form, all participants (credit seeking and not,) must fill out the RETREAT INFORMATION & ATTENDANCE Form; which asks information that will be provided to the teachers to support you in your small group meetings, and provides us your expected attendance/participation. (You will be asked to fill out both forms.)

Participant agreement
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