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  • I'm registered for a retreat: when will I receive information about participating?
    We begin sending out information in an email, via Mailchimp newsletter service, to the email address you provided on your registration form two weeks prior to the retreat start date, and additional communications up until the first day of the retreat. Within this communication you'll receive important information about your retreat that supports you in preparing, as well as instructions for accessing the online retreat portal. Additionally, this communication includes links to required forms that must be submitted to us in advance: When we don't receive these forms by the due date, we are unable to assign you to your small group teacher meetings, and we cannot provide credit for MMTCP or CE. It's important that you open and read any emails you receive from us, as participating in an online retreat begins with your preparation before the opening module! If you are not seeing anything, please check your spam or junk folders, and make sure to add the email address we use to communicate: '', to your 'contacts' list, so that your email provider will not block or misdirect these messages! Please contact us if you are within 2 weeks of your retreat start date and you still have not received any of our communications.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Cancellations up to 31 days prior to start date will receive a refund minus $100 administration fee. Cancellations 15 - 30 days prior to start date will receive a 50% refund. Within 14 days of retreat start we will be unable to provide refunds. Your registration is for the retreat you selected on the submitted form. Registration fee, including cancellation fees are non-transferable.
  • The retreat I want to attend is full, can I register for another and transfer over if a spot opens?
    Please register only for a retreat that you plan to attend. We are unable to transfer registration between retreats.
  • Credit for CE and/or Mindfulness Mediation Teacher Certification Program (MMTCP) students
    MMTCP/CE students taking this retreat to receive credit will be required to sign a participation agreement provided by and submitted to Sounds True (and/or SCA for those seeking CE Hours.) This agreement is a commitment to a certain set of retreat guidelines and practice commitments, including; creating a continuity of practice at home, refraining from or minimizing digital technology and social media usage aside from the retreat related, practicing Noble Silence to the extent possible, and refraining from work, school or other obligations for the entirety of the retreat. This agreement will be provided to students prior to the retreat start, and must be received in advance of the retreat. There is a SIGNIFICANT difference in experience when attending an intensive-style retreat that these guidelines support, and it is this experience that will inform the deepening practice level expected for participation in MMTCP or to have a meaningful retreat experience for professional purposes. The minimum MMTCP/CE participation requirement for this retreat will be 9 Modules, with at least Modules per day on the 2nd through 4th day of the retreat, as well as attending all assigned small group meetings. It is strongly recommended to practice in between modules to maintain continuity of practice, as you would experience on an in-person retreat. Participants may attend more than the minimum if they wish. The opening and closing Modules will not be counted toward attendance. Attendance for MMTCP/CE students will be tracked according to the MMTCP guidelines and that information will be provided to Sounds True and/or SCA. Those seeking Professional Continuing Education (CE) Hours will also be required to fill out the Evaluation form provided by SCA in order to receive Certificate of Attendance. (No certificate will be provided for MMTCP students, as participation will be reported directly to Sounds True) Please visit the MMTCP page on this site for full details. These requirements apply ONLY to those participants seeking credit for the MMTCP or for CE Hours. This retreat is designed for flexibility to accommodate those who do not need, or are not looking for an intensive style retreat, as well as those looking for a full intensive style retreat.
  • What Times are Modules & Teacher Meetings in my time-zone?
    This retreat is held in US Pacific Time Zone (California Time) You can convert the times in the schedule, which are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), using this Time-Zone Converter: If you will be participating from any other Time-Zone than PT, it is advisable to write out the full schedule before the retreat using your own times. We will provide downloadable personal schedule forms with a place to write in your own times, if needed. The full schedule for our retreats is included on the website, on our SCHEDULE page
  • Will I know which teachers will be teaching which Modules in advance?
    We will make a detailed schedule available on the first day of the retreat, in the participant 'portal'. Teachers will be hold different module times each day so that participants who are only able to attend at limited times will experience the whole teaching team.
  • Will I need to commit to a schedule (which Modules I will attend) in advance?
    Participants can attend any modules they wish during the retreat. However, MMTCP/CE students will need to commit to the Modules they would like to receive credit for in advance, for attendance tracking purposes, but may also attend any additional modules as desired (not tracked). As the retreat date approaches, a form will be provided to submit their Module schedule information.
  • Can I select my small-group teacher meetings and the teacher I wish to meet with?
    Participants will have the opportunity to indicate if either of the meeting times (9:30am or 5:30pm Pacific Time) won't work for their time zone prior to the retreat, however, the teacher you will meet with will be assigned randomly prior to the retreat. Unfortunately, we will be unable to accommodate specific requests regarding teachers or make changes once these have been assigned. Priority for small group meeting times will be given to students participating in time zones that would impact participation.
  • Will the Modules be recorded to watch at a later time?
    The opening and closing Modules will be recorded and made available to all retreatants in the retreat portal to accommodate those who would not be able to meet during those times. All other Modules will be live-attendance only. Part of what creates a retreat experience is practicing in community. Live meeting times will enable you to sit with others in real-time. At an in-person retreat participants have a clearly set schedule to follow. This retreat format recreates that experience on Zoom. There will be additional resources available on the retreat portal to support retreatants during times when live teachings aren't available. Recordings will be made during all modules and uploaded to and retreat participants will be provided access to these after the end of the retreat (usually available one week after retreat close)
  • How much does it cost?
    We are offering this retreat with Sliding Scale Fee Options: Registration for this retreat includes teacher support. Traditionally, Insight retreats in the West ask a base rate which does not go to the teachers (or, when possible asks no fees,) and then request donations to support the teachers and the teachings at the end of the retreat. This honors the practice and tradition of generosity (Dana) in order to support a community of practice and to make the teachings available to all who seek them. The costs for this retreat are all-inclusive and provide support for the teachers' time and their dedication to continued practice and teaching; the sliding scale options and financial aid are intended to honor the spirit of generosity that holds the teachings as a practice of mutual giving and receiving between teacher and students, and the communal nature of a practice community. In order to maintain this spirit of generosity, we ask that you pay at the highest rate you can afford, in order to support our ability to continue to offer scholarships to those who would otherwise be unable to attend. ​ Benefactor Rate: $795 Supports cost of the retreat and additional support for teachers, subsidizes our ability to offer scholarship rates and financial need requests. ​ Base Rate: $565 Supports the cost of the retreat and provides support for the teachers. ​ Scholarship Rate: $295 (by application) Base rate for those with financial need. A limited number of spots will be available for those who would be unable to attend at the Base Rate (you can find a link to the financial support request form on the Registration page.) Please apply for scholarship rate only if you would be unable to attend at the Base Rate. This information, along with registration form and relevant links for financial aid, etc, is available on our Registration page. ​
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