The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

A Unique Live Online Mindfulness Retreat 
with robust support for a full retreat experience at home
including teacher support
April 22 - 28, 2021
with Anushka Fernandopulle, Howard Cohn,
Pascal Auclair & Genevieve Tregor

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“It is truly a pleasure to recommend these wise and wonderful teachers. If you can attend it will be a transformative and truly valuable retreat.”
                                                                                     ~ Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach

Appropriate for New & Experienced Meditators 

Meets the requirements as a qualifying retreat for Mindfulness Teacher Training Programs, including:

 The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program*  & 

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) Facilitator Training

26 Continuing Education (CE) Hours available for Health Professionals (APA)

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Live Online

practice in community

  •  Up to 8 hours of Live, Teacher-Led Retreat Time each day

  • Daily small group cohorts & teacher meetings

  • Practice in an online community with other practitioners on Zoom 

Live Online

practice in community

The Flock

Flexible Schedule

options Fit Your

Intention & Needs

Flexible Schedule

options Fit Your

Intention & Needs

Four independent 2-hour teacher-led modules offered each day: Attend fewer modules to deepen your practice while integrating daily life; or utilize the full daily schedule for an intensive retreat like you would experience at a retreat center.  (VIEW SCHEDULE)

Accommodate your unique home/work life schedule, time-zone, and personal practice intention

Buddhist Monk Meditating


for your


at home


to Support

at home 


  • Retreatant-only portal with resources to support your full retreat experience online & off

  • On-demand practice videos to support your home practice

  • Downloadable personalizable retreat schedules & guidance to create a retreat 'container' at home


A Unique, Flexible Online Retreat Experience for Our Times

We are challenged, in this time of pandemic and radical change, with both a great need for the steadiness and peace that can be found in a deepening Mindfulness, and at the same time with the loss of opportunities for the kind of in-person retreat conditions that usually support this deepening.


Although home-retreats can be a profound opportunity for deepening practice, for many the idea of an 'online' retreat feels both less compelling and more difficult than visiting a retreat center.  The opportunity for removing ourselves from our daily life environment and distractions and practicing at a serene location where our every need is accommodated is appealing; while trying to practice at home, amidst all of our usual distractions can be challenging! 


Most online retreat opportunities offer either a highly intensive, continuous online experience that can become wearying over time, and doesn't necessarily meet the needs or conditions of every at-home meditator; or alternatively, a few drop-in meditations and talks which don't offer a 'retreat container' or the kind of support that a fully scheduled retreat offers. Either option making it difficult to commit or feel supported in our individual at-home environment or circumstances. 

This unique live, online format provides the conditions that can ideally support your practice at home, at the level of intensity that makes sense for you; supporting both an intensive schedule or a more integrated one.  While also offering teacher support in small group meetings just as you would receive with an in-person retreat experience. Creating an opportunity for a retreat experience that ideally supports your practice, with the flexibility to integrate intensive and progressive practice of varying levels into your own schedule.

There is a true happiness, which doesn't depend upon circumstances, that can be found in the practice of mindfulness. 

An Insight - "Mindfulness" - Retreat is a radically different kind of respite from daily life; one that cultivates a more reliable relief that transcends worldly pleasure and pain.

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Photo courtesy Sam Carter

Practicing with the Four Foundations of Mindfulness

allows us to awaken from suffering and find peace,

even in the midst of difficult experiences. 

The Buddha began teaching the practices of Mindfulness over 2600 years ago, with the sole purpose of finding relief from the various ways we experience suffering in our lives. He understood that the usual distractions and pleasant experiences did not offer a reliable refuge from difficulty - even contributed to it -  and discovered a radically different way for alleviating suffering through the cultivation of Mindfulness utilizing the Four Foundations of practice:


One: Awareness of the experience of the body, breath, and the changing nature of sensations


Two: Exploring our response to pleasant and unpleasant experience ("feeling-tone") with phenomena as they arise


Three: Recognizing emotions and states of mind that cause stress and reactivity


Four: Cultivating qualities that support, and working wisely with those qualities that hinder our capacity for awakening from the trance of suffering. 

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  • A 6 night retreat in the Insight Meditation Tradition (Mindfulness)
  • Includes 4 two-hour Modules of live practice daily, as well as an opening and closing Module on the first and last day of the retreat. 
  • Includes daily small group meeting cohorts & teacher meetings
  • Flexible Schedule Options: Participate according to your own circumstances and intentions, with support for a full schedule intensive retreat, or to integrate your daily life responsibilities into more moderate schedule that suits your needs.
  • Module times support practitioners in most time-zones around the world
  • Fulfills the retreat requirement for the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program (MMTCP) must meet attendance requirements*
  • Cost: Sliding Scale Registration Fee includes Teacher Support 
  • Additional scholarship support available (limited availability - first come, first served)